Friday, October 15, 2010

Exciting New School Year!!

We are really looking forward to this school year and excited about the projects we have lined up. So far we have done three projects beginning with an exercise in black and white sketches to capture light and dark, points of view, and understand shading techniques. There was an assortment of fruits and vegetables of various shapes, sizes, and textures. Once they had a good grasp and a few sketches completed, we introduced color in the form of dry pastels as they had never worked with this medium before. With the next project the kids created their own silk screened t-shirts with templates donated to us by Candie Cooper. Each student made at least 2 t-shirts and they turned out amazing! The colors they created were extraordinary and some overlapped each other really giving 3-D like impressions. The last project was a bit more on the creative side as we instructed the students create a CD cover and track listing as if they were the musical artist and were promoting their own album. The finished product would then be placed into a CD jewel case to complete the look. Stay tuned for next weeks blog update as we will be starting a new project!

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